HS 1:1

Hopkinton High School’s  1:1 Learning Initiative

Information for incoming 9th graders (Class of 2021):

Program Overview

We are excited to continue the rollout of our 1-1 Initiative to the class of 2021.  Our teachers have been creating digital resources to support and enhance their classroom teaching and the district has ensured that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support their efforts.  Three years ago we initiated the 1-1 program and have found that our students are more deeply engaged, collaborating more effectively, developing stronger writing abilities and having greater success in their courses.

Educational research indicates that when 1-1 initiatives are effectively planned and implemented, the following outcomes are realized:

  • Students in 1-1 programs outperform non-laptop students on standardized statewide achievement tests;
  • Students engage in more higher-order reasoning and critical analysis during school activities, and collaborate more with their teachers;
  • Learners participate in more problem-based and project-based learning activities, and develop stronger 21st Century skills; and
  • Teachers report higher levels of student engagement.

Program Timeline


1:1 Registration opens for all 8th grade students

1:1 Informational Session – 8th Grade Parent Night – Hopkinton High School


Decide how you want to participate, complete all paperwork


Online registration closes – 1:1 Participation forms and 1st payment is due


All lease payments for grades 9-12 are due


Apple processes order and begins shipping laptops


Hopkinton technicians receive laptops and begin imaging them


9th grade orientation – Laptop distribution and training

Participation Options

Option 1

Lease an Apple MacBook Air computer through the school’s four-year lease program at a cost of approximately $341 for year 1 and $283.67 years 2-4.  If a student leases a laptop, s/he will have access to it as if it were his/her own and s/he could take it home with him/her each day, but the school will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the device. Loaners will be provided to students while leased computers are being serviced. The laptop will come pre-loaded with a variety of software titles that students will use in their classes. At the end of four years, parents will have the choice of turning the laptop back in to the school or buying out the lease for a fee of $1.00 plus tax.

Option 2

Bring your own laptop to school with you.  We know from our recent survey that some students already have their own laptops.  If a student or parent feels more comfortable providing their own laptop, they can do this in lieu of leasing from the school.  A list of the types of software that students will need if they bring their own device can be found on the 1-1 website listed below.  Please be aware, however, that if students bring their own laptops, classroom teachers and technology personnel may not be able to help them troubleshoot issues that occur, so students should feel very comfortable using their own devices.

Option 3

Use the HHS laptops that will be available to be checked out during the school day.  If a student does not lease a laptop from the district or bring his/her own, we will provide laptops for those students to use during the day in classes and then expect that they have their own device at home to use for work outside of school.  On a limited basis, and subject to administrative approval, these students will be able to bring loaner laptops home for larger assignments. There will also be a couple of computers available for students to use at the Hopkinton Public Library.

Registration Process

There are two ways to register for the 1:1 learning initiative at the high school. We strongly encourage you to attempt to  register via method 1, the online method. This allows the district the ability to quickly update and organize student information and process payments in a timely manner.

Online registration via district’s website 1:1 registration is available online via the school district’s website. In order to register your student you must use the PowerSchool account you created.

Once you have registered with Schoolwires you will have a username and password to login to the online registration site. The online registration site allows you to register for more than one student. Once you have completed the online registration you will need to print the Laptop Lease, Laptop Use, and Insurance Agreement and return a signed copy to the main office of the middle school.


Action Steps:

  1. Read the opening letter and discuss the options as a family
  2. Create a PowerSchool Account if you have not done so.
  3. Log in to PowerSchool, click on “Bio Update/1:1” and complete your biographical update and select how you want to participate in the 1:1 program.
  4. Sign all waivers and lease documents towards the end of the online form.
  5. Submit a payment at the Unipay(Class of 2021 1 of 4) site or mail a check to the Administration Building, initial payment is $341.00 and is due May 17th, 2017
  6. Complete the Laptop Model Survey if you are purchasing a laptop.