Digital Advantages

  • Students no longer have to fight for lab time to edit photos, movies, or animation projects
  • Students can start projects at school and finish them at home.


  • Students can peer edit writing assignments in class and students can receive instant feedback utilizing Google Documents and
  • Students can conduct research within and the classroom and access resources from multiple databases and websites
  • Students can use iMovie to tell a story or convert a storyboard into a movie
  • Students can use reading applications to read their books or articles on the computer instead of carrying the books around.

Foreign Language:

  • Students can record their voice and send teachers their sound files in order to receive feedback
  • Students can take virtual field trips to foreign countries
  • Students can use textbook software to practice their language skills and run vocabulary drills and exercises.


  • Students can be assessed online and teachers can collect and analyze data in real time to create an individualized environment
  • Students can use graphing calculators and other math tools that are web based, or software based to eliminate the need to carry various tools.


  • Students utilize laptops to analyze and share lab data in real time
  • Students can visit and photograph various environmentally significant locations and post the pictures in a custom Google map to highlight the environmental features of an area.

Social Studies:

  • Students can utilize technology to present projects in various formats (iMovie, Google Presentation, Timeglider, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Students can use electronic resources to research historic people, events, locations, etc.


  • Students learn how to participate in online forums in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Students learn how to use learning management systems like Moodle to prepare for blended learning environments and college
  • Students will acquire skills by using specific Web 2.0 tools in project based activities
  • Students will learn how evaluate and analyze information from multiple sources
  • All students will have equal access to a robust set of software tools
  • Students will have access to their data beyond the school day and outside of the school.