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We started 1:1 Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in 8th Grade Math and Science Classes. They have really been enjoying the hands-on activities and collaboration in class. We look forward to having the whole middle school go 1:1 this year!

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Hopkinton Middle School’s 1:1 

Information for incoming 6-8th graders:

Program Overview

We are excited to continue the rollout of our 1-1 Initiative to Hopkinton Middle School. Our teachers have been creating digital resources to support and enhance their classroom teaching and the district has ensured that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support their efforts. Four years ago we initiated the 1-1 program at the high school and have found that our students are more deeply engaged, collaborating more effectively, developing stronger writing abilities and having greater success in their courses.
Educational research indicates that when 1-1 initiatives are effectively planned and implemented, the following outcomes are realized:

    • Students in 1-1 programs outperform non-laptop students on standardized statewide achievement tests;
    • Students engage in more higher-order reasoning and critical analysis during school activities, and collaborate more with their teachers;
    • Learners participate in more problem-based and project-based learning activities, and develop stronger 21st Century skills; and
    • Teachers report higher levels of student engagement.
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Grade 7 student presentation (parents welcome), 4:30 pm
Grade 7 parents pick up Chromebook with student, 5:00 pm
Grade 8 Student Presentation (parents welcome), 6:00 pm
Grade 8 parents pick up Chromebook with student, 6:30pm

*In creating this schedule, we do realize that some families may have commitments or plans on August 27. Parents and students unable to attend on August 27 can come to the Middle School Main Office on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 2-5 pm.

Video Introductions & Tutorials

Chromebook Overview:

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