FAQ – MS Digital Learning Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Middle School Digital Learning Initiative – Chromebooks

Do parents have to pay for the chromebooks? No, this is not a lease to own program, this initiative is funded through the operating budget.

When will students receive their Chromebooks? Students will receive their Chromebooks on August 27, 2015

Why did the school district choose Chromebooks? Chromebooks are secure, easy to manage, and work well with Google Apps for Education. They meet next generation testing environments, are inexpensive to repair, and they support the writing process.

Will they come with a protective sleeve?  Yes, all students will receive a protective case on August 27, 2015

Can students personalize their sleeves? Yes, they can decorate the sleeve as long as it is school appropriate.

Can my student bring their own device to school? No, students are not allowed to bring their own device from home.

Will there be web filtering on the Chromebook at home? Yes, the device will have the same level of web filtering at home as it does in school.

Can students add their own Applications or Extensions? No, students will not be able to add their own applications or extensions for Chrome OS, but he or she can submit an email to the technology group to make suggestions on specific apps and extensions. Upon approval, the apps will be made available to all students.

What happens if the Chromebook is stolen? Parents are expected to file a police report within the town police department the device was stolen from within 7-10 days from the date the device was stolen.

What happens if my student breaks his/her Chromebook? Students will bring the Chromebook to our technician in the Middle School library for repair. The student will be issued a loaner device while his/her Chromebook is being repaired. Students who are neglectful or damage the device on purpose by not following the guidelines in the 1:1 Manual will be responsible for paying for any damaged parts.

Will students be able to keep the Chromebooks over the summer? No, students will not be allowed to take the Chromebooks home over the summer. They will be collected at the end of each school year.

Will there be additional parent training on the devices in the future? Yes, we will offer two parent training sessions this fall for parents.

Do students have to bring them everyday to school? Yes, all students grades 6-8 are responsible for bringing their Chromebooks everyday.