Ashley Wows the Crowd at MassCUE 2014


HHS Senior Ashley Olafsen received a rousing standing ovation for the “Ted” style talk she delivered to educators attending MassCUE 2014, the state’s premiere technology & education conference.

Held in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, over 1,000 attendees had their backs to the field where the Patriots and Revolution play, and were focused instead on Ashley’s story of how she’s using technology to follow her dreams. She is passionate about building self-confidence in young women in the face of a media industry that makes them feel unattractive and inadequate. 

At age 17 she has not only started a “M.O.V.Ement” to empower and motivate girls through the workshops she facilitates, but also Ashley is harnessing the power of the web to write her first book.

In her MassCUE talk Ashley explained that while new technologies have made it possible for her to get her important message out to a larger audience and connect to experts and activists, it was supportive educators like Mary Ellen Grady at HMS and Kiely Murray and Sarah Ellam at HHS who helped her to find her voice and use it to make a difference in the world.

Here are some of the Tweets that were flying through the twittersphere during and after her talk:

“Blown away by #AshleyOlafsen #massCUE2014 #HopkingtonHighSchool

“17 yr old Ashley Olafsen will change this world with her message of positive female empowerment – She has “it”!”
“17 yr old Ashley Olafsen addressing #masscue2014 about female self image and confidence. Amazing!”
“Inspiring first TED Talk by Ashley Olafsen”
“Outstanding job! Ashley Olafsen, Senior at Hopkinton High School”
“I think that we will be hearing from Ashley Olafsen in the future. She delivered a great talk.”
“Ashley Olafsen from Hopkinton High School rocked this Ted-Talk at #masscue2014 this morning-standing ovation from the educators here!”
“What an amazing speaker at #masscue2014, Ashley Olafsen! It’s so wonderful to see her enthusiasm!!”

Bravo, Ashley!

For more on Ashley’s talk and initiative, visit these resources:

By Colleen Worrell, PhD, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator

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