NewsELA Helps Build Non-Fiction Fluency in Students

NewsELA is an online news-as-literacy platform that promises to help students “Think critically. Be worldly.” The site was created to help teachers develop students’ non-fiction reading skills and to meet Common Core ELA Standards. While there is a “Pro” (paid) version, the free version has much to offer students and teachers in the age of Common Core/PARCC.

NewsELA allows students and teachers to set up a free account that gives them access to current, engaging news articles. The site is updated weekly and the news articles are organized around eight categories: War & Peace, Science, Kids, Arts, Sports, Money, Law, and Health. Articles are appropriate for Grades 1-12 through an adjustable Lexile level for every text in their library.

Here are some additional features of this ELA learning platform:

  • Students and teachers can sign in with their school Google accounts
  • Students and teachers can annotate articles on the site
  • Teachers can create a “Class” and assign articles to a whole class or to specific groups
  • Each article has an optional quiz, aligned with Common Core standards and associated with the different Lexile levels, to assess student comprehension
  • Site includes a dashboard of analytics so that teachers can track student progress.

The flexibility of NewsELA allows teachers an easy way to differentiate reading instruction and target intervention based on each reader’s needs. The range of articles makes finding engaging articles for every student a snap.

Spend a few minutes exploring this great resource to see if it might be useful for your students!


5 Easy Ways to Use NewsELA


Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Quick Start Guide for Students

Why Use NewsELA?

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