Digital Learning Day (3/13/15)

This Friday, March 13, 2015 marks the third annual “Digital Learning Day.” The event celebrates the use of digital technology in learning and highlights innovative ways educators are combining pedagogy and technology to make learning more engaging, relevant, and impactful for students.

Schools, teachers, and community organizations use this day to showcase great teaching practices and successful instructional technology programs. As teacher and blogger Erin Klein writes, “Digital Learning Day is a celebration to highlight the importance of providing opportunities to all students that will better prepare them for their future.  Throughout the day, stories will be shared by thought leaders and educators who have personally seen positive transformations take shape within their districts through the use of integrating technology in meaningful ways to connect students and communities, enhance curriculum, and empower teachers while enabling their ability to better personalize instruction for all learners” (Kleinspiration).

Parents might want to take some time to explore the resources below to consider what “digital learning” means for their student. We also hope you take some time to read some of the great posts on HPSDigital to get a sense of what’s happening in our own classrooms here in Hopkinton.

Teachers might like to check out the resources below to learn more about the work of educators from around the globe. We also encourage you to talk to your school’s Technology Integration Coordinator to consider new ways to “go digital” with your students.

Happy Digital Learning Day!




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