Transferring Pictures from a Device to a Laptop

I receive many questions this time of year on what is the quickest and easiest way to move photos from your teacher/personal device to your laptop. The quickest and easiest way is with Google Drive.  Install the Google Drive App on your device, login to Google Drive, and upload your photos right from your device.  Then go to your laptop and open Google Drive where your photos will be there waiting for you.

If you are using multiple devices in a classroom with students you might try using the free app called Flick. by ydangle.  Flick needs to be installed on your laptop and the devices you will be using.  All devices will need to be connected to the same wifi connection.  Open Flick on the device and it will connect to other devices and computers running Flick.  Then open the picture or file you wish to move, identify the device you are sending it to across the top of the app, and flick the picture/file to the receiving device/computer.  On the computer you will need to name and save the pictures that are Flicked to you.  Multiple devices can Flick to one computer at the same time.


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