Google Docs: more than just a word processor


Docs Home (Big blue button)
Leads you to all of your Google Docs.
File menu:See exactly all revisions all students have made to a doc

Create ONE document and share with students as view only and never make copies again!

They can file> make a copy on their own computer

Highlight a word and right click (control +click) to research/define it immediately

Table menu:Click table and select how many cells you want, this is an easy way to keep your doc clean with images & text. You can also change the table properties to no see the lines to be invisible.
 table1Comment button: Collaborate or grade by: highlighting a word, phrase, image; click comment button to comment  on it
Edit Pen  (under comment/share button)

Change to “suggesting” for track changes/suggestions; owner can then click to accept/decline idea into the paper.

Share Button:

Share with specific people, whole class, or publicly to parents

You can decide who can view or edit the document


By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator


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