7th Grade Going Digital

The library was buzzing with students recording, researching and working on an upcoming project for 7th Grade Geography classes. Some students were in the classrooms using the projectors to represent a newscast, others went to the H-Cam room.

Mr. Brennan, Mrs. Verra, and Mr. Cheney’s classes have been studying East Asia.  The students are creating a newscast regarding a specific current event related to East Asia. Some students are recording their newcast, others are performing it live, but there are many ways they can choose to create their project. They have been working with the H-Cam green screen, IPads, Macs, Phones, and other devices to create these videos as they present their topic of worldly news. They practiced clipping and editing the videos after recording, some added more effect and sound to their recordings. Students were excited to create these “real-life” projects and present them to the class.

We are so excited for the 1:1 initiative that will allow us to do more collaborative projects like this!


By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator


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