iPads in the Classroom

Thinking forward to next year with iPads in your classroom, what works best for your class?  Would your students be able to find apps easier if they were in folders instead of organized by page?  Creating folders will also cut down on the number of pages/screens that your students need to scroll through to find an app.

To organize apps on a page touch the app until it starts shaking. Once the app is shaking you may drag the app to a new location on the page or to a different page.

To create a folder of apps touch the app until it starts shaking. Once the app is shaking drag the app on top of another app you want to place in the same folder.  When you do this the iPad will ask you to name the folder (the iPad will also suggest a name).  After the folder is created continue to drag apps that you want grouped together onto the new folder icon.  This will place the apps into the folder.  Suggestions for folders: Math, Sight Words, Phonics, Spelling, Books, Science, Art, Music, Story Making, Voice Recording, etc.

Be careful not to click the X in the corner of the app or you will delete the app.

Please also keep in mind that the iPads only have so much space on them so you don’t want to be loading apps that are not going to be used or that are very similar to other apps.  Find the apps that work best for all our students.

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