Fossil Presentations

As part of the grade 2 Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum, students learn about fossils, how they are created, and what they tell us about life long ago.  To help students understand the process of fossilization they are creating a presentation showing the six stages process.  They will include an description of each stage along with creating  a drawing of each stage with each layer labeled.

This project will help students answer the essential questions: How has the earths composition changed over long periods of time?  How do fossils help us know about life long ago?  What was the earth like long ago?  How are fossils formed?  What information do they provide about living and non-living things from long ago.  How do Earth’s changes affect living things?

What students should know after this project:  Where fossils are found.  That there are different types of fossils. That fossils are important clues to our natural history.  That scientists search for and study fossils to learn about the past, present, and future.  They will be able to define various types of fossils.  Student will be able to tell how a fossil is formed.  They will recognize what a fossil tells us about life long ago.  They will be able to identify various ways fossils are discovered and excavated.

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