Classroom Brainstorming & More with Padlet

Looking for a quick, simple way to organize a student brainstorm session or to share ideas within a group? Check out Padlet, a virtual bulletin board.

This free online tool is easy to use, versatile, and fun. Users can set up a “Padlet wall” and get going in no time — with or without setting up an account (Padlet allows you to sign in with a Google account, which makes creating accounts easy). It is great for 1:1 laptop or Chromebook classrooms, but the site can also be accessed using a smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how to create a Padlet wall in 30 seconds, without setting up an account:

  1. Go to the site ( Padlet
  2. Click on Create Something: Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.50.20 AM
  3. Double click anywhere on the wall to add content.

Here’s how to set up an account, create and share a Padlet wall, which takes less than 5 minutes:

  • Go to the site ( Padlet
  • Click on Sign Up>Sign Up with Google and choose your Hopkinton Gmail account
  • Click on New Padlet in upper write to create your wall (NOTE: if a notification about JetPack pops up just close it out by clicking on the X in the upper right)
  • Click on the Settings icon to add a Name/Description and to make any design changes: Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.26.51 AM
  • You may also Wallpaper, Layout, etc. via the Settings — just click on the icon/area you want to change
  • To add content simply double click anywhere on the Padlet wall. You can include text, hyperlinks, and/or media files. Simple! This is also how your students will add content.
  • To share with others, go to Settings>Address and grab a copy of the share link to email out or embed on a page. Students will click on this link and go directly to the Padlet wall you created.
  • NOTE: The default share setting is akin to “anyone with this link can view.” If you want to change this, you need to go to Settings>Privacy.

See this help resource for a more detailed description of how to get started with Padlet:  A Basic Tutorial for Padlet

How are teachers using this padlet?

  • Icebreaker/introductions
  • Classroom brainstorming & discussions
  • Content “curation” for classroom lessons
  • Feedback from group work
  • Exit tickets
  • Organize links to students’ digital presentations
  • Image analysis
  • Collect and share video tutorials.


For help with Padlet or to learn more, contact your school’s Technology Integration Coordinator.

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