Elder Tea


Grade 6 are in the process of creating their Elder tea projects. They started around December to get their interviews and more information.

They have to dedicate their book to someone older “their elder,” have a biography and special moments about their lives. Social Studies, Science, Technology, English, and Math are combining efforts with the project. The spent a lot of time doing research about the different decades and how they differ from the current one. They will show, for example, what prices were for a gallon of milk or for a gallon of gas, or what technology did one use. Students have learned a lot about their elder that they chose. Once they finish their scrapbook they present it from May 26- June 4th, depending on their team, and then will give their elder  the scrapbook. This past week they were in the library putting together the scrapbooks. They were printing, cutting images & texts out. They were quite productive! We can’t wait to see how they turn out.


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