ChatterPix Kids

Have you heard about the app ChatterPixKids by Duck Duck Moose?  With ChatterPixKids you can make any picture talk by drawing a simple line and recording your voice for up to 30 seconds.  You can take a photo within the app or use one from your camera roll.  After you have the picture you draw a line for the mouth and then record your voice.  If the mouth is in the wrong place you can redraw the line as many time as you need without having to re-record your voice. When you are all set with the recording you may choose filters, stickers, frames, or add text.  Then save your creation to your photo gallery and send it from there to email, Google Drive, etc.

This app could be used for a book trailer with a talking book, product commercial, morning message, how to video, reading fluency, greetings, 30 second attention getters for new material, sight words, etc.  You could even take several ChatterPixKids videos and stitch them together in iMovie.  The possibilities are endless!

Check out this video to see how simple the app is to use:

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