S is for Substitution

As we go back to school this week teachers are working  hard on what to plan and how to plan. Many of our secondary level teachers are using their 1:1 classrooms and have surpassed the S in the SAMR model. Our Middle School and Elementary Schools are now going towards the 1:1 and are searching for tools to assist in the new way the students grasp these 21st century skills.

If you are beginning with SAMR Model and trying to figure out how to structure your class, Common Sense Media put together a great video

Here are some substitution you can use:
Substitute your documents for Google Documents and share or post them out
Post your syllabus or other classroom information on you website or email
Use Nearpod or Peardeck to make your powerpoint/pdfs/google slides interactive
Collect info with Google forms (surveys, bell-work/exit tickets, tests) and use the data for your state goals evidence
Instead of Post-its try Padlet.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET

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