Get moving

Our PE teachers are always trying to get us moving and away from our computers. Do you ever feel like you are sitting too long? Does your Fitbit tell you to get up and move?

If you don’t have a PE teacher egging you on to get up and move or a Fitbit or other device to do so, you can try this extension for Google Chrome.  Move It reminds you to take a break every 15 minutes.  A new tab opens and it will not budge until you have read it and clicked done. It is by PE Geek and has you hopping around or doing some activity for a few seconds. It is great to give you brain a break and your weary eyes from the screens.

It may seem silly but these small breaks help you rejuvenate and will be fun for you and your students. Students need a break from their work just as much as you do. It has been used in educational circles, Google classrooms and professional development brain breaks.

For more apps check out the PE Geek website.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET

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