Going 1:1 gives us a great opportunity to show resources that we don’t have access to all the time in class. Two of the many go-to websites are Youtube or Khan Academy in education. When you find an enticing video that follows curriculum or if you decide to flip your classroom to create your own video, there is a great app that can really help teachers see if students  watched the video.  Teachers can make the video interactive by adding questions and their voice. The videos can be cropped and you can view student submissions! This app is EdPuzzle.


You easily sign up/in with your Google account, then either upload a video of your own or copy a url link to upload. Next, you share it with your class by code or create a class within the app. There are also pre-existing assignments you can use and channels to search from like TedEd and National Geographic!

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET

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