Multiple Browser Tabs – No Problem

Photo: Over-the-shoulder of student looking at a Google Doc

Student working with tabs of Google Docs in Chrome web browser on a Chromebook.

So much of our everyday computing experience takes place in a web browser. The Internet is so ever present in our lives we barely even notice what browser we use or take much time to learn how to use any of them better. Yet, one of the most common things that contributes to a computer running sluggishly is having a string of open tabs across the browser window.

More than a handful of browser tabs can seriously drain a computer’s memory resources. It can make the browser and the whole computer drag to a halt, even to the point of crashing the browser.

This can be particularly frustrating when conducting research or just trying to maintain a line of inquiry without constantly using the Back button, among other reasons.

Fortunately, there are some extensions that can spare browser tabs from churning active memory in the background and alleviating some of the frustration when your browser becomes unresponsive.

Image: The Great Suspender, a Google Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store

Available for free in the Chrome Web Store, The Great Suspender, a Google Chrome extension, frees up precious memory while browsing with multiple tabs.

Being a Google Apps school system, most teachers and student spend a lot of their time working in Chrome. Enter The Great Suspender, a clever Chrome extension that reduces the memory drain while keeping out of focus tabs visible and in the background, even retaining the favicon and title text as normal.

Using The Great Suspender you can maintain multiple windows even with multiple tabs in each without crippling your computer’s performance. It is the kind of extension you never knew you needed but will soon be unable to live without.

Image: The Great Suspender Options Screen, a Google Chrome extension

There are options available to fine tune the automatic suspension of the out of focus tabs, as well as an array of other management features. It even can help in managing the basics of your entire browsing session.

A lesser alternative for Firefox is Add-on called BarTab Lite X. While it does not have nearly the feature options, it will restore tabs on demand and reduce the memory strain on your computer while browsing with multiple tabs open.

Image: BarTab Lite X, a Firefox Add-on

Whether working simultaneously in multiple Google Docs or reviewing multiple articles during research, working with multiple web browser windows and tabs will no longer slow your computer to a crawl.

Your web browsing experience will never be the same.

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