And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Action!

We tend to take recording a simple video for granted as it really is second nature to pick up our phones or iPads and touch the red circle.  For Katelyn Barry’s kindergarten students, however, creating basic videos became an empowering experience. Each student was given the chance to star in their own video as well as direct a “film” for his or her classmates.  What was the theme?  Ms. Barry decided that students should be given the opportunity to announce their unique hope and dream for the school year.

With the Google Drive app being easily accessible on every school iPad, teachers have the ability to upload student creations right into folders to essentially keep digital portfolios.  At Kindergarten Open House, each video was played through a Google Drive “slideshow” allowing parents a few seconds to react to each child as their videos were priceless. Ms. Barry kicked it off herself with her hope and dream for her students and introduced her fabulous class with one of the most important lines in education when regarding our students, “Let’s hear what they have to say.”

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With all of the child friendly video creation apps at our exposure such as iMovie, Book Creator, and Animoto, it’s important students gain a sense of empowerment and creativity early.  Learning the basics of holding the iPad and recording at the same time took total concentration and focus.  Then, figuring out how to cue their partner made these children feel on top of the world as if the lower level hallway at Center School was truly our set for the next big movie. For the “actors,” it was important to get a signal down that the “film makers” would understand to let them know when they were finished talking.  And we can’t take for granted the critical thinking that took place when each student determined what he or she would say and the courage it took to say it out loud on camera.

These kindergartners blew my mind with their ability to follow directions and go for it.  A generation born with an iPad in their hands, they were ready for the challenge.  Although simple videos, these five and six year olds cerated something that should remind all of us the power that basic videos have when it comes to student learning.  Both creating and viewing short clips leave lasting impressions that students will remember.  Thank you, Ms. Barry’s class for making me smile and remembering that all students, regardless of age, have something important to say.  I can’t wait to take next steps with you in creating videos.

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