Kahoot- A Game You Don’t Want to Miss!

Hands were in the air as first graders and their teachers were ready to jump out of their seats with excitement. What were they celebrating? Answering questions to review content they had been learning over the past several weeks. Whether the question was “Where was Johnny Appleseed born?” or “What we do we call the answer to an addition problem?” students couldn’t wait to tap what they felt was the correct choice on their iPads. Right or wrong, the enthusiasm was contagious as everyone in the room was engaged with this new learning tool in Room 17.

Getkahoot.com has become a hot and relevant website as teachers know that games will not only hook kids, but will help students learn information. After all, students are having fun and when they are asked to share an iPad, we are encouraging collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, three of the four 21st century “super skills.” This is exactly what Room 17 at Center School accomplished two weeks ago.

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Teachers are able to easily create a game or “quiz” (in addition to utilizing other features) in minutes after signing up. When ready to play, students simply go to kahoot.it (and for younger grades QR Codes can be a great asset here!) and enter the game code that appears on the “teacher” screen.   This screen becomes the question hub while students see shapes on their own screen matching each of the answers.

Students tap the choice they feel is the best option and once the whole class has submitted an answer, a bar graph appears immediately showing teachers which items need more review and which items the class is showing a solid understanding for. Needless to say, Kahoot becomes an excellent tool for formative assessment.

One of the most appealing capabilities of Kahoot is adding images and videos to accompany the questions. This allows students to view a video, for example, related to a topic they are studying, and then immediately tap on an answer. The level of engagement only increases as visual content, particularly videos, so often boost student interest. Kahoot is a win-win learning tool for students and teachers as it’s engaging, exciting, and can truly help teachers assess their classes. And if that weren’t enough, after every question an empowering statement appears on each student device congratulating them on their effort.

If teachers are interested in diving into Kahoot, please ask your technology integration specialist. It can be played on any device and it will increase the fun in your classroom!





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