A Dose of Empowerment

As I reflect on October 20th when hundreds of students at both Elmwood and Center Schools dressed up as their superhero selves, one person immediately comes to mind, a teacher.  Inspired by Lourds Lane, creator of the SuperYouFUN Curriculum, Pat Diamond (music teacher at Elmwood School) taught every classroom “I Am a Superhero,” the SuperYouFUN theme song.  Not only did she succeed, but she was able to rally the whole school to perform it for Lourds during Elmwood’s first ever “Superhero Day.”

In addition to being incredibly musical, it’s clear that Pat Diamond is courageous, determined, fun, (among other worthy superpowers) and a true superhero who brings out the best in her students.  Using the “I Am a Superhero” sheet music and sound file, she was also able to create a PowerPoint presentation with images and lyrics so that during the performance, ALL students and staff would be able to successfully join together and sing.  She even reached out to two students who play the violin as well as staff who she encouraged to play handchimes.  It was a beautiful scene, one where every person in the room was engaged and empowered thanks to Mrs. Diamond.

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Link to “I Am a Superhero” by Lourd Lane.

Pat Diamond is a real life superhero impacting students daily.  And if that isn’t enough, her passion to reach all children pushes her to incorporate technology. As soon as she listened to “I Am a Superhero,” she embraced it and in creating a unique PowerPoint presentation, assured that everyone could unite together while singing this empowering song.  With her enthusiasm and belief in students, they can transform into the real life superheroes they are.
IMG_3240Please stay tuned for more posts about “Superhero Day” including SuperYouFUN videos starring Hopkinton students!







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