A new empowering way to teach students is through Breakout EDU. This is a platform to teach and learn through a game. The games  allow students to collaborate with their class members to search around the room for clues based on the content that leads them to unlocking  the locks on the the box in the room. If they succeed in the time frame allowed it is very exciting! Many schools around the country are trying Breakout EDU! James Sanders from EdTechTeam is traveling the world teaching  teachers and administration through the breakout edu model, how to use it. Teams work to communicate, problem solve, and work together to solve the mysteries!

Now that there is a movement of teachers working on it, there are new communities with lessons teachers have used that you can use for free. You just register under the website to get the lessons, but there are many more in the Facebook group as well. You can also follow on Twitter and see the students (so far Grades 2 and above) post their pictures of breaking out! Get your own box with locks, or make it here! For me it was a great experience to watch other educators get excited that they were on a lead to a clue and when they open a lock there was even more excitement!

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET


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