Book Creator-Beyond a Book

When searching for an “easy to use” book creation tool, one does not have to look far as Book Creator speaks for itself as a leading app in education.  For younger students especially, Book Creator provides basic images making it easy for them to navigate through the tool.  Because of this, even 5 year olds are able to gain confidence quickly knowing this is something they can do and feel proud of.

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Even the free version of Book Creator allows students to create one book where each of them can create a page.  Over the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of doing exactly that with Ms. Leary’s kindergarten class.  Students  were split into groups and together created “superhero” books.  Each student was in charge of his/her own page and had three tasks to follow.  They needed to take a picture of themselves in their power poses, write their first name, and proudly state they are superheroes.

Here you can see a “superhero book” in action as each creation can be saved as a video to the camera role and then easily uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted link.

From just one app, these kindergarten students have gained confidence in using the iPad in the educational setting.   Even something as simple as letter recognition is promoted, for example, when they are looking for the “U” in “Use Photo” after taking their picture.  I highly recommend Book Creator as an app to be used at school as well as at home, particularly for young students as it is an incredible tool allowing kids to represent their knowledge as well as a learning journey over time.  For Ms. Leary’s class, this is only the beginning as their next step is to start their own individual book representing their superhero journey throughout the year.

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