Students in the Spotlight with Sortify

Recently, I have witnessed students as teachers and what a pleasure it has been to sit back and learn.  We know that opportunities exist everywhere for students to take the spotlight and feel empowered to share what they know.  When we throw technology into the mix, the engagement from their classmates only increases.

A perfect way to empower students is through learning a game and teaching it to their classmates.  A hot game right now spreading through Elmwood School is BrainPOP’s own Sortify.  Sortify is exactly what is appears to be, a sorting game.  Within BrainPOP as well as BrainPOP Jr., this thought provoking game exists in over twenty topics to enhance student understanding.  As developing strategies for sorting becomes a priority, Sortify pushes students to tap into higher order thinking as well as learn from each other if playing in partners.  If using BrainPOP, there is an additional feature known as “snapthought” allowing students to take up to five pictures during the game and record their thoughts.  “Snapthoughts” as well as game results can be submitted to teachers through My BrainPOP so they can then formatively assess student as well as whole class understanding for a particular topic or skill(s).

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Students from Ms. Winter’s class took on the challenge of not only teaching their classmates how to play Sortify Basic Adding, but also their teacher and what a success it was.  Partners were then able to use laptops to play together sharing strategies and at the same time, adding points to their scores. When it comes to Sortify, Ms. Winters now has a classroom full of teachers who might one day soon share their knowledge with peers from another class.

To families, once students log in to BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. using their own account information, the magic of Sortify and even submitting results to teachers can all be done at home!

Teachers, for more information about BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and Sortify please reach out to your technology integration specialist.




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