Firefox Browser Now Available on iOS Devices

Image: Firefox for iOS

Screenshot from Mozilla’s Firefox page.

This Wednesday, November 11, Mozilla finally released its flagship product, the Firefox web browser for iOS. Now, those that prefer using Firefox to browse the web on their computers can do so on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

A mobile version of their browser has been available from the non-profit software developer, but it was for Android. The organization pulled an earlier iOS version, Firefox Home, in 2012 and had refused to make an iOS version of their software over disputes with Apple. However, with over 100 million downloads of Firefox on Android devices, Mozilla relented in its mission to make the software available on every device in every language.

Image: Firefox logoFor users that favor the browser on their laptop, the browser already has some useful features. Much like its counterpart Chrome, the app lets you synchronize tabs, search history, and passwords through a Firefox cloud account. This feature contributes to a more seamless experience across multiple devices.

Also included is Visual Tabs which will present all open tabs as visual tiles for easy management and switching, much like the iOS version of Safari.

The mobile Firefox app also boasts Intelligent Search, which suggests results as they are being typed. It also includes Search Shortcuts, making it extremely easy to switch from a variety of search engines.

There also is a Private Browsing feature, like Chrome’s Incognito tab. Using this will allow browsing without logging the search history or downloading cookies.

Now that Firefox is available on iOS, Mozilla promises even more features in future.

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