Random Acts of Kindness – Superheroes at Work

This morning I had the honor of interviewing two superhero students, Savannah and Annaleigh from Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Zambuto’s third grade class.  Both Savannah and Annaleigh are in agreement that they share the super powers of kindness and creativity.  How do their stories connect to technology?  The answer is simple.  They both took it upon themselves to design and create recorder cases for their classmates.  Savannah used a sewing machine and Annaleigh used duct tape, two technologies that although don’t come with fancy touch screens, served a purpose.

Savannah began her recorder case adventure by designing a case for herself.  Wanting to be creative rather than purchase one, she decided to sew her own.  When Savannah was finished with her case, she brought it into school.  Her classmates immediately noticed it and asked questions like, “Whoa, where did you get that?”  She simply replied by sharing with them that she sewed it with her sewing machine.  Classmates started requesting cases and from that point on, Savannah was on a mission.  She dedicated time to cutting fabric and arranging samples her classmates could choose from. They could even decide to combine two fabrics together.

The most striking part of Savannah’s story is that she decided to make a recorder case for everyone in the class, even those that didn’t ask.  She asked her mom for a class list and put a check by each of her classmate’s names until every one of them had a special case.  Every morning Savannah placed a case on a different desk and every morning made someone’s day.  When I asked Savannah how it felt to make recorder cases for each of her classmates she stated, “I felt super happy making other people happy inside.  I feel appreciated.”  She was also thrilled to sew a striped case for Mrs. Diamond, who was amazed by her accomplishment.


Around the same time, Annaleigh recognized that she also didn’t have a case for her recorder.  She was using her brother’s recorder and he had, unfortunately, lost his case.  Fortunately for Annaleigh and her classmates, this gave her an opportunity to tap into her own super powers and begin a mission of her own.  Annaleigh used a variety of colors in creating her very first recorder case out of duct tape.  The first one she didn’t like, but this motivated her to try that much harder with her second, a case that had the ability to close.  Annaleigh’s close friend noticed her special case and, of course, requested one.  Similar to Savannah’s story, other students started to discover Annaleigh’s talent and began making requests.

Although the process of creating cases with duct tape is taking a great deal of time, Annaleigh is committed to making one for each of her classmates.  She even decided to incorporate Hillers colors as she is planning to provide some Hopkinton spirit.  Personally, I can’t wait to see how these come out.  When I asked Annaleigh how it feels to make recorder cases for her classmates she stated, “It makes me feel happy that my friends like what I make them.  It’s fun.”

Superheroes are working hard every day at Elmwood School going out of their way to be kind to others.  Annaleigh and Savannah are two examples we can all learn from and become inspired by.  During this Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded to go out of my way with simple acts of kindness.  I thank both of these special students who I truly admire for not only their acts of kindness, but for being brave enough to share their stories.


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