Get Your “Front Row” Seat!

Many students at both Elmwood and Center Schools are diving into “Front Row,” an app as well as website giving students individualized practice and instruction with both math and reading skills.

Take a look at why Front Row started.

This wonderful tool is aligned with common core standards and aims to place each student in an appropriate level.  The level determined is based on the results of a diagnostic every student must take as they being a new standard. User friendly for teachers, they can upload a roster within minutes.  Each Front Row “class” comes with a special code that students enter every time they log in.

Although Center and Elmwood students have only explored the math component, they seem to love even the diagnostic as Front Row simply engages.  By offering a variety of features, even kindergarten students are showing success in understanding what a question is asking of them as well as how to submit their answers.  The most beneficial feature is certainly the speaker as it reads the question out loud.  Another favorite is the marker.  Whether students are using computers or iPads, they are able to show their work in order to assist them in understanding the problem.

IMG_0287IMG_0007photo 1 (61)

Once students have been placed in a level, they are able to practice skills they are ready for.  If they need assistance, however, they are able to utilize the video feature, which provides a mini-lesson for that particular skill.  They are also able to earn coins, which allows them to dress a pig as seen in the featured image.  This award has served as a significant incentive for students of all ages.  There are even more tools accessible to students that accompany each problem that students will be discovering soon.

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Teachers who are interested, please contact your technology integration specialist as there are multiple tools that can assist in guiding your instruction.  For example, you can view a “report card” for each student and even ask Front Row to group students for you based on their understanding for a particular skill.  Teachers who have explored Front Row already seem to be thrilled with its features for teachers!

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Sample Report Card from the Website

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.20.53 AM

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