SuperYouFUN Meets Google Classroom Lesson 2

“What superpowers does your teacher have?” Students have been shouting with joy in answering this powerful question.  The first step in “Google Classroom Meets SuperYouFUN” Lesson 2 involves the classroom teacher.  I started to ask teachers recently to model how to follow the directions so students’ new “Classroom” assignment could come to life.  In a nutshell, it involves snapping a picture in your power pose using Photo Booth, inserting it into Google Drawing, and decorating it with Word Art representing your superpowers.

What I am finding, though, is that modeling the directions goes well beyond giving students visual clues for what they are about to take on.  It actually gives students a chance to empower their teachers, to be right there in the process of deciding what it is their teachers bring to the table every day.  This conversation, of course, then leads to deciding upon the power pose and this is where students get to see their teachers transform into the real life superheroes they are.

Abbaraju Superhero Self!

Mack Superhero Self!Winters Your Superhero Self!Once they have helped create a true piece of art representing their superhero teachers, students are challenged to think of a superhero name for them as well.  Not to be rushed, they have plenty of time to come back to this for him or her as well as for themselves.  When students are ready to dive in, they know to open their new assignment and click on the Google Drawing, which has been delivered to each of them as their own copy…still a huge perk for many of us.

Although the directions are challenging, students have been excited to dive in and know they can help each other.  After all of their hard work during the first assignment when they wrote about what being a superhero means, they can now take time to reflect on themselves as real life superheroes.  Their superpowers act as the evidence that makes them who they are and their power poses put them in the moment, which is so important for these young minds.

Your Superhero Self! - Megan Cappetta

Your Superhero Self! - Dylan Striek

Your Superhero Self! - William Tobin

I look forward to writing about Google Classroom in the future as more classes at Elmwood will have the opportunity in the new year to empower each other through “SuperYouFUN” lessons.  An exciting tool that students love, Google Classroom is bringing the 21st Century “super skills” to life as students are working on assignments that ask them to to critically think and create, and soon communicate and collaborate.  It’s no wonder they feel like superheroes.

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