Third Graders Visit Iceland with Ms. Zambuto through Google Classroom

Ready to try the “Announcement” feature on Google Classroom, Ms. Zambuto and Mrs. Martin’s third grade class experienced a new adventure!  Ms. Zambuto explored the beautiful country of Iceland over Winter Break and invited her students to read her posts in their “Classroom.”  These posts included summaries highlighting her experiences as well as pictures capturing the breathtaking scenery she was able to witness.  Ms. Zambuto also invited students to comment on her posts allowing for her experiences to be shared as well as interactive.

To prepare their students, Mrs. Martin and Ms. Zambuto took time to build background knowledge and did so through a wonderful Time For Kids link featuring facts about Iceland.  Students found this link through “Classroom” and were able to practice commenting as well as responding to each other based on the information they were learning.  Students were then able to take this experience with them over break so they could stay in touch with Ms. Zambuto as well as each other, while at the same time, learn about Iceland.

(Tuesday December 29, 2016 7-33 PM, GMT)

(Tuesday December 29, 2016 7-31 PM, GMT)

(Thursday December 31, 2016 7-59 PM, GMT)

What an experience to connect with your teacher outside of the walls of your classroom.  With Google providing a virtual classroom, we can take the walls down and the possibilities to connect with our students are endless.  Using the “Announcement” and “Question” features (which 3rd graders will explore soon), teachers and students can learn and have important discussions together from anywhere in the world.  Special thanks to Ms. Zambuto and Mrs. Martin for jumping into something new.  Their students are only benefiting because of it.  In addition, they are now spreading this experience with other teachers to try with their students.  I can’t wait to see the results!


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