HMS going digital in PE

Ms. Pinto’s classes (Grade 6-8) have been using their Chromebooks to video themselves doing positions correctly and incorrectly in class. The class first videos themselves doing a movement like a plank or a squat and uses WeVideo to record themselves. They take turns with their partner helping record and count reps. Then Ms. Pinto goes over the correct way of doing the exercise with the class as a group. She shows placement techniques and uses a stick to show correct alignment. Students then return with their partners to record the correct way of doing the exercise (while the partner corrects the placement and movement). Once they are finished they share the video with their teacher. As the class progresses through the year the students will have documentation in their Google Drive of each of the exercises of how to correctly align themselves and do it well. It is a really neat way to use technology and have students work together to correct their exercising during class. The way it is taught is a great way to remember how to do the exercises well and safely.

Ms. Pinto also uses Countdown timer in class to keep students on task in a timely manner and MoveIt extension to keep them (as well as staff) moving during discussion time.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET

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