PD with a new twist

HMS has changed up the Professional Development a bit to give teachers choice. We have rolled out the 1:1 and “Gone Google” and now we make sure that teachers are current with all the tools that are at their fingertips. We gave the option of teachers signing up on Google for Education’s website. There are many resources as well as a work at your own pace training that teachers can become a Google Certified Educator. We have had over half of our staff sign up for the online session/test! The rest decided to come to the Google Workshop that we have provided.

We created video tutorials and had some Google Certified Trainers in the room to help the teachers have a very individualized learning. We also have asked student volunteers to come and help the teachers by showing their expertise. We also gave students a way to show their experience by creating their own video tutorials on quick “how-to” guides for staff and students to use when they have questions.

Check out student tutorials here and Chrystal Hoe’s tutorials here.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET


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