Viewpure Allows Third Graders to Connect in Powerful Ways

A perfect solution to showing young students videos in a safe way came to me thanks to a colleague.  Stephanie Doty wrote a fantastic and informational post about “viewpure” and its capabilities for both teachers and students.

Purify! Removing the Tube Temptation

When creating flipped lessons or simply asking students to discuss their reactions to a short clip, “viewpure” seems too good to be true.  Recently, I took advantage of this wonderful tool by copying and pasting “purified” videos into Google Classroom.  Third grade students  watched a purified Kid President video called, “For the Heroes.”  Using the Question feature on Google Classroom, we asked students to explain the message Kid President was sharing and, of course, respond to each other’s answers in thoughtful ways.  Thanks to “viewpure,” third graders were able to watch the video at their own pace as well as avoid distractions and related videos.  Their answers and replies to each other were incredible.

photo 2 (72)

Here are two answers from third grade students along with replies.

“The message tells you that you have powers even if you look in a mirror and see a normal person… You are a superhero and have extraordinary powers!!”

-EVERYONE HAS A POWER!!! that’s exactly what I thought

-wow!! I totally agree with you about if you look in a mirror you see a normal person but you are a superhero!!!!!!!!!

“That even a ordinary person could be a superhero no matter what they look like or do or even talk like they are always awesome”

-THATS AWESOME!!! I totally agree

-You can even help rich people.

Third graders were then able to view a “purified” SuperYouFUN video from Youtube titled, “Whats YOUR Superpower?”  Students rose to the occasion once again as they were asked to essentially have a conversation with each other online.  This time students were to discuss their superpowers and superhero names based on 5th graders in the video sharing theirs.

photo (80)

Here are two answers from third grade students along with replies.

“My biggest superpower is creativity and my superhero name is the Creative Crafter!!”

Maybe tomorrow we could draw pictures together please.

“My biggest superpower is enthusiastic.  My superhero name is Enthusiastic Learner.” 

-You chose a great name that goes with your personality!

Empowerment filled the air as students were thrilled to answer a question and respond to each other based on the inspiration they were left with after watching the video.  Possibly the most exciting thing to see in situations like this one is students who tend to be quiet vocally transformed into some of the loudest online voices.

Teachers, if you are interested in incorporating more videos into your lessons in school or at home, please be in touch with your technology integration coordinator as “viewpure” is a tool that can certainly help you and your class!



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