Unlimited Possibilities with Google Hangouts on Air

Ms. Hall had to call out due to a sick child today. Does this stop class? Never. She contacted me and asked, how can I connect with my students… this information is important. I said, “no problem.” I went to the high school and connected Ms. Hall with Google Hangouts on Air. Typically one would think you could google chat or face time/skype or then again, stay home and let the sub take care of it (ha!)

What is great about Google Hangouts on Air is that anyone could watch when we go live. We can invite people to talk on the Hangout if we wanted more than one speaker to join (just by inputting their email.) What is even more beneficial is Google will create a shareable link of the recorded session. You can share this link live and when it is finished. This is handy for class note taking if a student missed something, great for review for an exam, and even easier on the teacher for her afternoon class. I love the way our teachers are so innovative with their teaching and technology use and how dedicated they are to our Hopkinton students. Now, Ms. Hall’s second period did not miss a beat learning about SOH CAH TOA.

If we can use Google Hangouts on Air for classes, what if we used it to create more of a blended class model? There are chat groups set up within the hangouts that are visible as well. This could be a powerful tool even if students missed an extended time of class and could easily join the live class or view it later when the time was easier. To create video lessons for students it makes the classroom connect beyond the four walls and the accessibility for all is endless.  It would be great to even invite guest speakers attend your hangout from anywhere in the world! We need to think how technology is changing our way of teaching and use it to empower our class. The possibilities are endless with teachers and students that are willing to try something new.


By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET

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