Have you been looking for a nice rubric that integrates well with Google Docs and also that automatically can send scores back to students? Try Goobric out!  Goobric is an extension that works with Doctopus (an add-on for Google Sheets.) Once you have added Doctopus to a Google Sheet you can easily grade a Google Doc without leaving the document. Goobric is a toolbar that shows up on the document when you click the icon. You can select the numbers on the rubric and write or use audio notes when making your assessments. Submitted scores can be auto-emailed to students, pasted into a document and are automatically transferred to a google sheet.

If you can build a rubric on a Google spreadsheet, this app is for you.

Check out some tutorials:

Doctopus tutorial & Goobric tutorial

Check in with your Integration Specialist for more ideas & assistance.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET| GEI

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