Random Acts of Kindness- Elmwood is on a Mission

Thanks to Mrs. Robinson, Elmwood School has been on a mission.  February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Day and students have been celebrating ever since they returned from vacation.  Both teachers and students have been filling out forms to capture kindness in action.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.55.37 PM

These special forms have recently been linked together and displayed for the school to see as the chain continues to grow!
IMG_20160304_140458021We were lucky enough in that a creative second grade student drew a beautiful eagle for all to see.  It is a constant reminder that we should SPREAD kindness as much as we can and Elmwood School is certainly doing one outstanding job of this!


Pat Diamond recently captured a random act of kindness during music class.  This picture has become our inspiration to continue to catch kindness and share through our Elmwood Twitter page.  The next post will include more examples of catching kindness digitally and I can’t wait to share!  When students agreed in the middle of February to use their superpower of being kind, they meant it!

Will Pascaline Kindness


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