Google Expeditions Visits Hopkinton Schools

Image: Students on a Google Expedition

Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program visited Hopkinton Middle School on March 9. With more than 50 Android devices, outfitted with Google Cardboard, district students and teachers experienced virtual field trips in a whole new way.

The program allows teachers to take classes on guided, immersive virtual journeys. Using Google Cardboard, students view 360º panoramic virtual sites. The platform offers over a 100 hundred absorbing journeys from under the sea to outer space, as well as destinations all over the globe.

Currently beta testing the new Expeditions app in schools around the world, Google selected Hopkinton as one of the demonstration sites in Massachusetts. The program is visiting select schools around the world.

While not yet released to the public, the Expedition app allows teachers to take classes on guided virtual journeys. The experience offers an engaging way to bring lessons to life. Additionally, students are able to visually explore the selected destination with freedom. Yet, Expeditions are not developed for sites alone they also include explorations of a number of careers, providing students with a glimpse into the lives of working professionals.

Teachers and students from both the middle school and high school donned the Google Cardboard take part. Here is a chronological recap of the day.

Students and teachers alike relished the experience. For many, it was their first time using Google Cardboard or any virtual-reality-like experience.

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