Meet Super Swish’s Dream Team- Sharing Stories with a “Twist”

“What are your superpowers?” A question certainly worth asking and even more importantly, worth answering.

Back in November, I wrote a post about my experience visiting a third grade health class.  Led by Mrs. Basile, students shared the stories behind the superpower shields they had just created.  Both Mrs. Basile and I were so inspired by what these young students had to say, we knew we had to capture their stories and share them.  Fred Haas, our high school technology integration coordinator, was kind enough to join our mission.

Why shields?  Mrs. Basile (Superhero name, Brave Spirit) tells the back story.  Here you can feel the impact she makes with our students.

Using his expertise in filming as well as iMovie (as seen above), Mr. Haas was able to transform brief interviews with each child into powerful videos they will always remember.  Students were asked what their superpowers are, why they chose them, and in addition, had the opportunity to explain the inspiration behind their creations. Several expressed a new feeling of empowerment, one they happily embraced.  Many students explained how they will use their superpowers to make an impact on the world.  It’s hard to believe we were in fact recording third graders, a group of students who ended up teaching us a lot about life and who they want to be.

Here comes the “twist,” or “Edtwist.”  My goal was to share all of the videos with students’ parents in an easy and effective manner where they could essentially interact right on the page.  I had recently discovered Edtwist, an online platform where one can create, collect, and share information, as well as collaborate.  What I love about Edtwist is that it’s incredibly visual.  I knew it would be inviting for parents, teachers, and students. Another perk is that once collaborators are accepted (in this case students’ families), they can write comments on students’ posts as well as create their own posts within the same collection.

Mr. Haas was able to save each iMovie video in a shared folder on Google Drive.  Once this step was complete,  I created a collection within Edtwist and posted each video simply using the associated link. Each new post became a showcase for that particular student.  My hope is to soon add digital creations from each child representing their superhero self.

Meet Super Swish’s Dream Team in their brand new Edtwist Collection! 

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.20.02 AM

One lesson these students have taught me is that kids have a lot to say- if we ask them.

Mrs. Basile has always taught her students to discover what makes them unique.  Inspired by our work with The SuperYou FUNdation Curriculum this year, positive character traits became “superpowers,” and students learned to embrace their inner “superhero.”  Mrs. Basile was able to ignite a shield movement empowering teachers and students alike. These beautiful pieces of art representing both second and third graders appear throughout the building as daily reminders that all students are important and have something to contribute.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.57.43 AM

Special thanks to Fred Haas for sharing his love of film making with all of us involved in this project.  Also a huge thank you to Lourds Lane for being gracious enough in allowing us to use the instrumental version of “I am a Superhero.”  This song is loved by our school.  Thank you to Super Swish himself.  His students’ willingness to share their stories  is a direct result of the community atmosphere he has built.

For teachers who would like to learn more about Edtwist, please feel free to contact your building technology integration coordinator.  There are countless ways this wonderful tool can be used with students in addition to teachers and families.  I plan to explore student use within the next couple of months and can’t wait to write about new Edtwist adventures when I do.






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