20 Things We Should Say More Often-According to Second Graders

Inspired by Kid President, one second grade class is on a mission to use kind and positive words.  How did this happen? Mrs.  Marzilli was inspired to try the Question feature on Google Classroom in a powerful way.  Not only did she ask students to watch “Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often,” she asked them to respond to the video AT HOME.  Mrs. Marzilli sent an email to parents including a step by step guide to logging onto Google Classroom so that families could feel empowered to participate in something impactful together.

After watching the video students were asked this question:

What is one word YOU would like to use more often?


 “I love you,” “Are you okay?,” and “Want to be my friend?” are just a few of my personal favorites.  With the support of their families, all students were successful in submitting their answers.  After all, this was no ordinary homework assignment.  With both digital learning and engagement playing essential roles, students couldn’t wait to start.

What I am most impressed by is that answering this special question in Google Classroom has ignited a mission. Room 13 created their own signs with words they strongly believe should be said more often.  Connecting beautifully to our work with random acts of kindness, students have been encouraged to use their words in and out of school.  In addition, they created a “Words and Phrases We Should Say More Often” wall right outside of their classroom where both students and staff are invited to post their own words.  Thank you, Room 13, for taking an online assignment and transforming it into something that Elmwood School can learn from and join!





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