Spring 1:1 Payment Reminders

Payment Notes – Spring 2016

All lease payments are due May 2nd. The only exception is for incoming 9th graders or the class of 2020, their first lease payment is due April 15, 2016

You can log into the Unipay site via the link below to make an online payments or just to see the amount of your lease payment. Lease payments vary from year to year because of a few factors. Our total cost we pay the vendor will depend on our volume in the year we purchase and wether or not Apple updates their products or changes their pricing. You will need your student’s ID number to determine payment amount when using the Unipay system.

Class of 2016 – $1.07

Class of 2017 – $330.00

Class of 2018 -$248.67

Class of 2019 – $248.67

Class of 2020 – $341.00

Please keep in mind that a few parents in the lease program may have different payment amounts based on individual circumstances. For example, if you have a transfer student your payment amount and schedule may vary depending on the year you entered the high school. Please check the Unipay website to get the exact payment amount. In addition, you may call the technology office at 508-417-9360 to get help.

Lease Program Clarification – The 1:1 program at the high school is a lease to own program. It is not a fluid lease where you can lease one year and not the next. The school district is only purchasing for parents that are interested in owning the laptop after making lease payments over 4 years. Please review the lease documents to get further information about the parameters that surround the lease.

Tax – All classes except for the class of 2016 will have a final payment their Senior year for $1 plus the MA Sales tax on the total cost of the device.

Payment Methods:

Unipay – You can by online via the Unipay website, just provide your student’s school id. This is the district’s preferred method of collection

Check – You can make checks payable to “Hopkinton Public Schools”

Money Order/Cash – If you intend on paying via cash please deliver your payment to the central admin building, 89 Hayden Rowe Street,  Attention: Joanne Rodriguez. We prefer that you do not leave cash payments at the individual buildings.

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