HHS Students Increase their Broadcasting Skills

Photo: Student Broadcasting Update

For most of the year, students in Mike McFarland’s sports broadcasting class have delivered live updates about the latest Hillers action to the high school via the public address system during advisory periods.

That effort pairs students in a live, scripted delivery of current results for from the high school’s varsity teams. Yet, advisory periods only occur on Thursday mornings.

Hopkinton High School supports 25 varsity teams competing over three seasons. Delivering up-to-the-minute results and information remains a challenge.

“Students listen to and watch sports broadcasting all the time and they are starting to learn that it’s a little more difficult than they thought,” McFarland said.

Recently, McFarland’s students have developed a whole new outlet to increase production and an outlet for its delivery, presenting broadcast video updates almost daily.  These video updates are released via a new Twitter channel, @HHSchoolUpdates.


Students now provide more regular news about the high school’s teams and events. Students research team results, write broadcast scripts, and deliver the latest Hillers news nearly every day on camera.

Produced in news reader style, students produce video updates, using an iPad to record and Macbook to edit. Once finished, updates are posted to Twitter and shared publicly. The whole process emphasizes accuracy and speed of production in an attempt to mimic the broadcasting world.

For McFarland, it is important to expand the opportunities for students to practice. Adding video provides another dimension. “It’s been a wonderful experience. Doing the live announcements are one thing but nobody sees them,” McFarland said.

At the moment, updates are dictated by the athletic schedule and when the class meets, so volume can vary. Producing media content, such as live announcements and radio broadcasts, remains at the heart of the course. Still, the students work to produce as many updates as they can.

“People are starting to pay attention. Their friends are starting to watch and listen. It makes the students more confident when people say, ‘Oh, I saw you,'” Mcfarland explained.

Support the work by following the channel and retweeting the latest results from your favorite Hillers team @HHSchoolUpdates on Twitter.

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