Google Classroom Updates

Using Google Classroom?

Here are some great updates that they have pushed out:

Guardian Summaries– You can add guardians to your class (under the student menu) so that they can receive updates about their child. The will receive an email notification that will include missing work, upcoming work and class activity (announcements, assignments/questions) that are posted.  One must have a gmail account to be registered.

Topics– Have you noticed that it is hard to find an assignment/announcement that you posted once you’ve posted over 10? The topics feature when you’re creating your assignment/announcement creates a filter so it is a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

Writing on a Google Doc?! Teachers now can click on the student work (only via google classroom) and  easily write/highlight on the document. This feature is now updated on Android devices for students to write on PDF worksheets, hopefully soon, Google will allow us all to write on a google document!

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