Biblionasium, An Engaging Tool For Students to Share What They’re Reading

What could be more engaging for readers than to join an online platform and communicate about their books? Check out this video for an introduction to Biblionasium, a unique tool that does just that.

Biblionasium is giving Mrs. Page’s third graders at Elmwood School an opportunity to get excited about books and connect with each other.  They feel mature as this is what adults do naturally and Mrs. Page has launched quite the experience for her students.  I was fortunate enough to see them log on for the very first time and join the class she created.  Mrs. Page modeled every step of the way during this introduction lesson as anticipation and excitement filled the air.

Beginning with choosing their own avatars, her third graders were hooked.  She then showed her eager students how to create their own virtual bookshelf.  Students can actually search for books and personalize their very own shelf, which their classmates can view.

In addition to viewing books your classmates are reading, students are able to write reviews, which is a feature they truly seem to be enjoying.


As Mrs. Page’s students have been gaining more experience with Biblionasium, she has been able to invite parents so they too can recommend books to students and even choose their own avatars!


Why do Mrs. Page’s students love Biblionasium?

You can share books you’re reading at home and at school and you can encourage people to read those books too.

You can write about your books you’re reading.

It’s fun and it makes me happy.

 Classmates can write to you under your bookshelf.

You can choose your avatar.

I like it as homework because we can go on a website instead of using paper.

Why does Mrs. Page love Biblionasium?

It’s a more engaging and authentic way to share what we’re reading.  I can write messages to each student or the whole class and they like when they have a homework assignment on Biblionasium.  As a teacher, you have the ability to monitor what students write. It also provides opportunities to  practice reading skills and strategies within book reviews.

If you are interested in trying Biblionasium with your students and even parents, please see your building technology integration coordinator.  I hope to write more soon about Mrs. Page’s journey with her students.


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