Google My Maps, not just for directions

Google has a feature called “My Maps” which is great geo-tool for education. You may immediately think of Google maps for directions to a destination, but My Maps actually lets the student work on creating a map for a project.

The students are able to drop pins on cities, upload videos/photos, give descriptions and even measure distances. There are so many great features for using my maps that I created this short tutorial video on how to use it.

If you currently use Google Drive there is a My Maps starting point right under the new button. Your creation will automatically be saved into your Google Drive when you are finished. You can have students collaborate on maps together or even present with the shareable link for others to view their map. This is great for history projects or just a different presentation of where they have traveled to around the world.

I loved using this in my French course to travel around the map of Europe and Africa. They were able to discover the places and upload the pictures that were interesting to them.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET & GCI

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