Google Expeditions is now live

Google Expeditions is now live for IOS as well as Android Devices. It is really easy to setup! We had our students bring in their devices with the app already downloaded (we also wrote a grant to have extra devices for students that don’t have one). Make sure that all of the devices are on the same wifi. We use a tablet for the teacher so it is easier to view.

Once all is set with wifi and the app. The teacher chooses “lead” and the students join the class they created. The teacher then chooses what expedition they want to view. In the class below we were looking at Jerusalem.

As the teacher navigates and can read and ask questions (when you click play) that are built-in to the application see image below.

When you click the pause button, it pauses the screens for the students so you can call them to attention. If you push and hold on your screen you get a white circle which directs the student’s view to look for the same circle (you will see the smiley faces of the students that turn towards you direction. There are typically a few screens to guide students. Another way to run this is have the students lead and another follow. If students get motion sickness using the viewers you can double click their phone screen to make it a normal viewer for them (rather than the double sided viewer for the goggles).

Expeditions is a great place to start with the VR viewers. We decided to purchase the View Master version since they are easy to clean and durable. Make sure that students take off their phone cases prior to using these or the phones can get stuck in the viewer.

Other applications (for both Android and IOS) that we have downloaded and enjoy using Virtual Reality are: Youtube 360 videos,  New York Times VR, Cardboard, and Street View too name a few. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in using any of these apps or example workflows.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET & GCI

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