First Graders Take a Leap with BrainPOP Jr-Come Join Them!

BrainPOP Jr. has been a big hit recently as teachers and students have discovered and explored its newest features.  Perhaps the greatest discovery has been seeing the power in handing BrainPOP Jr. to some of our youngest students.  Now for the first time ever, BrainPOP Jr. is accessible as a mobile site on the iPad and several first grade classrooms have been taking advantage.

For Room 11, it has become part of their learning routine and culture.  These six and seven year olds (and their amazing teachers) are setting an example for what digital and 21st century learning looks like.   Check out the video below.

Students are eager to try the new Draw About It, Write About It, and Word Play.  Before the new interface, Draw About It allowed students to draw a picture in order to show their thinking.  Now, students can also add images and shapes as well as change pencil colors and width.  These exciting updates have pushed students to show what they know in a variety of ways.  Below, students were able to creatively capture their knowledge about the five food groups based on a given prompt.  They were then able to submit their drawings right to their teachers with just two taps!

Write About It once asked students to communicate their thinking by typing their thoughts based on a given prompt.  Now, students are able to tap on key words that exist on the side of the screen.  When doing so, the definition for each word is revealed.  When students tap a speaker icon, Annie reads every word, definition, and prompt out loud.  There is great potential here for incorporating vocabulary using the new Write About It as students are pushed to think about the most important words from the movie, what they mean, and how they can be used.

Taking it a step further with vocabulary is a feature that teachers are thrilled with, Word Play.  Here, students are able to select a key vocabulary word from the movie, draw a picture to show their understanding, apply the word in a sentence, as well as create a script with different characters using the the word they have chosen.  Students as well love this tool as they have a chance to then act out their script.

How is all of this BrainPOP Jr. magic happening?  With My BrainPOP, students can log on with their own unique credentials.  When their teacher sets up a class and creates a code, students then use this code to join their class.  Once in a class (and students can join several), each of the new features mentioned as well as Make-A-Map, Talk About It,  Activities, both quizzes, and several games can be submitted to their teacher/class.

The teacher can view each item as well as view class summaries based on quizzes and games submitted and type feedback students can read immediately.  In addition, teachers can now create quizzes on BrainPOP Jr. through the Quiz Mixer feature as well as create assignments for students as a class, individually, or in small groups.

Students in Room 11 make it look easy, but a lot of thought goes into their lessons.  Mrs. Kane has not only created a class for her students, but students know that the first place they navigate to is My BrainPOP where they will find their new assignments.  In the lesson above, the whole class was assigned the movie on food groups.  Half of the class was assigned Draw About It and half of the class was assigned Write About It as their teachers find importance in students expressing their thinking in more than one way.  Both features will help students work their way to Word Play in the near future!  

After completing their assignments, Mrs. Kane and Mrs. Farquharson brought the class together in the front of the room to complete the Talk About It which asked students to name foods for each of the food groups.  To say that energy was in the air is an understatement.  Students felt confident in sharing information they had just learned and their teachers could easily see that they had a deeper understanding for the topic.

I look forward to watching Room 11 and other classrooms learning from them grow with BrainPOP Jr.  Please reach out to your building technology integration specialist for assistance in putting BrainPOP Jr. or BrainPOP into action.








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