Google Earth

Google Earth has just been updated and redesigned with some awesome new features!

Here are some of the great updates!

1. Previously we were not able to use earth on Chromebooks, but not we can!

2. You can now use the downloaded version in a mobile app which is great for virtual reality. There are interactive tours for students to view similar to Google Expeditions.

3.You can click a 3D button that allows you to view a building from any angle.

4.The team has also created “knowledge cards” which give more information and photos when you are searching.

5. Students can take snapshots and add them to Google drawings via Google Drive to make a collage or a photo album.

6. The have partnered with big companies like NASA and Sesame Street, so now students can take a trip with a Muppet Character!


Here are some resources that have posted lately about the New Google Earth and a classroom that has tried it recently:

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Google Earth Image


By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET & GCI

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