Seesaw is Blending Learning, Unleashing Creativity, and Building Confidence

Whether students are focusing on a subject area, social emotional learning, or both, Seesaw has been invaluable in empowering their learning.  Hundreds of students at both Center and Elmwood are not only engaged in their work, but are able to reflect on it as Seesaw not only serves as an online classroom, but as a digital portfolio for each student.

One of the most valued Seesaw perks is the immediate connection to families.  Once families download the app, they have a window into their child’s learning.  Every time a post is approved by the teacher, they receive a notification that their child’s learning experience is waiting for them.  Just as the teacher can do, they are able to “like” what they see as well as provide feedback for their child.

In addition, teachers can send family announcements, using Seesaw as a way to communicate what’s happening in the classroom.  Also a practical way to remind families about important events, Seesaw creates a team of people supporting students.

Check out this student intro presentation for Seesaw and video introduction for families!


The teacher benefits are incredible.  Teachers are able to assess even our youngest students in new and exciting ways and  ideas are spreading across both buildings at a rapid pace.  Why not take a picture of the book you’re reading and and record your voice explaining why you chose it?  Or draw a picture of a noun, write an expanded sentence about it, and record your voice reading your sentence?  Or select the tool of your choice to express your hopes and dreams for the year and how you shine!  The ideas and opportunities for teachers to not only assess student understanding, but learn about each child and build relationships are endless.


A third grader works on expanded sentences.


A second grader shows and explains his understanding of even numbers.

If you are an educator and are interested in using Seesaw with your students, please see your building technology integration specialist.  The potential is limitless and I can’t wait to see how this fabulous tool continues to empower classrooms in Hopkinton.





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