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Recycling technology sometimes seem to go out the window when you see the newest version coming out in stores. Yet this year we found some old Ipods that were useful to teachers in a new way. These few Ipods we brought into the PE classroom where students can use the timer to time races and workouts. They can also upload some new songs for their dance competitions that they create in Grade 8. There are many opportunities for old tech to go into hands of students to be used for something new and helpful.

We don’t have to worry about students bringing their phone when we’re cautious of them breaking them by dropping them while running. They also don’t have access to the internet with these Ipods. So it is so handy to have them just for the basics. “We also can use the compass when we are teaching logistics.” The MS PE teachers keep finding new ways to use these devices!

How do you recycle your technology?

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