Social Media Resources for Teachers and Students

Researching and finding many sites that may inspire you and your students to join, read, and share with those who are interested. In this post you will find the facebookEDU page, InspirED pages and TechPrep links.

Facebook Edu page: Where learning is Social.  Teachers get together and share ideas. If you’re already scrolling facebook for ideas like Pinterest, this page is one more resource to find something new and share it with colleagues.

SEL Resources:

InspirED Website SEL site full of resources promote a positive climate at your school

InspirED Group (for Educators) Engage with Educators and experts who are passionate about bringing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into the classroom and working on improving the lives of students and communities. They share links throughout the day!

InspirED Group (for Students) for the changemakers, many resources for them to grow and be inspired.

Computer Science and STEM Resources

TechPrep Website

TechPrep is a free website to help you discover computer programming, learn about jobs available to programmers, and get started building programming skills.

TechPrep Facebook Page  

TechPrep Group This group gives you the tools to help a student in your life gain programming skills, even if you don’t have programming experience yourself.


By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET & GCI

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